X. Soap


This module is EXPERIMENTAL. That means that the behaviour of these functions, these function names, in concreto ANYTHING documented here can change in a future release of this package WITHOUT NOTICE. Be warned, and use this module at your own risk.



Short installation note:

  • To compile and install you will need libxml. Only versions 2.4.12 and 2.4.14 have been tested. php-soap "should" work with other versions of libxml2, they just haven't been tested

  • You currently need to check the soap exetension out from Anonymous CVS, using cvs co pear/PECL/soap.

  • You should copy the soap directory into the PHP /ext folder (unless you only want to build it as a self-contained php-module)

  • Run phpize in the soap folder (for the module) or ./buildconf in the php4 directory.

  • Run configure with --with-soap (and your other options)

  • make; make install

  • that's it.

Table of Contents
SoapObject -- The Soap Client Object
SoapObject::__isFault -- Query if a fault occured in the SOAP transaction
SoapObject::__getFault -- get the last SOAP transaction fault error object
SoapServer -- The Soap Server Object
SoapObject::handle -- Handle the Soap request
SoapObject::setClass -- bind a php class to the SoapServer Object
SoapObject::setPersistence -- sets the persistence of the created soap object
SoapObject::setFunction -- Adds to the functions currently available to the server
SoapObject::bind -- This function binds a SoapServer to a wsdl.
SoapVar -- Changes the Returntype of a variable
SoapFault -- This Class returned from SoapObject::__getFault, details the error