VII. PostScript document creation

Table of Contents
ps_add_bookmark -- Add bookmark to current page
ps_add_launchlink -- Adds link which launches file
ps_add_locallink -- Adds link to a page in the same document
ps_add_note -- Adds note to current page
ps_add_pdflink -- Adds link to a page in a second pdf document
ps_add_weblink -- Adds link to a web location
ps_arcn -- Draws an arc clockwise
ps_arc -- Draws an arc counterclockwise
ps_begin_page -- Start a new page
ps_begin_pattern -- Start a new pattern
ps_begin_template -- Start a new template
ps_circle -- Draws a circle
ps_clip -- Clips drawing to current path
ps_close_image -- Closes image and frees memory
ps_closepath -- Closes path
ps_closepath_stroke -- Closes and strokes path
ps_close -- Closes a PostScript document
ps_continue_text -- Continue text in next line
ps_curveto -- Draws a curve
ps_delete -- Deletes all resources of a PostScript document
ps_end_page -- End a page
ps_end_pattern -- End a page
ps_end_template -- End a template
ps_fill -- Fills the current path
ps_fill_stroke -- Fills and strokes the current path
ps_findfont -- Loads a font
ps_get_buffer -- 
ps_get_parameter -- Gets certain parameters
ps_get_value -- Gets certain values
ps_hyphenate -- Hyphenates a word
ps_lineto -- Draws a line
ps_makespotcolor -- Create spot color
ps_moveto -- Sets current point
ps_new -- Creates a new PostScript document object
ps_open_file -- Opens a file for output
ps_open_image_file -- Opens image from file
ps_open_image -- Reads an image for later placement
ps_place_image -- Places image on the page
ps_rect -- Draws a rectangle
ps_restore -- Restore previously save context
ps_rotate -- Sets rotation factor
ps_save -- Save current context
ps_scale -- Sets scaling factor
ps_set_border_color -- Sets color of border for annotations
ps_set_border_dash -- Sets length of dashes for border of annotations
ps_set_border_style -- Sets border style of annotations
ps_setcolor -- Sets current color
ps_setdash -- Sets appearance of a dashed line
ps_setflat -- Sets flatness
ps_setfont -- Sets font to use for following output
ps_setgray -- Sets gray value
ps_set_info -- Sets information fields of document
ps_setlinecap -- Sets appearance of line ends
ps_setlinejoin -- Sets how contected lines are joined
ps_setlinewidth -- Sets width of a line
ps_setmiterlimit -- Sets the miter limit
ps_set_parameter -- Sets certain parameters
ps_setpolydash -- Sets appearance of a dashed line
ps_set_test_pos -- Sets position for text output
ps_set_value -- Sets certain values
ps_shading -- Creates a shading for later use
ps_shading_pattern -- Creates a pattern based on a shading
ps_shfill -- Fills an area with a shading
ps_show -- Output text
ps_show_boxed -- Output text in a box
ps_show_xy -- Output text at given position
ps_stringwidth -- Gets width of a string
ps_string_geometry -- Gets geometry of a string
ps_stroke -- Draws the current path
ps_symbol -- Output a glyph
ps_symbol_name -- Gets name of a glyph
ps_symbol_width -- Gets width of a glyph
ps_translate -- Sets translation