Table of Contents
Introduction --  Introduction to the File class
Constants -- Predefined Constants
File::buildpath() -- build a path from given parts array
File::close() -- closes an open file pointer
File::getTempDir() -- retrieves the system's temporary directory
File::getTempFile() -- returns a path to a temporary file
File::isAbsolute() -- checks wether the given path is an absolute path
File::read() -- read bytes from a file
File::readAll() -- reads a complete file
File::readChar() -- reads a single character from a file
File::readLine() -- reads a single line from a file
File::rewind() -- rewinds a file pointer
File::skipRoot() -- strips the root directory from a given path
File::stripLeadingSeparators() -- strip leading separators from a path
File::stripTrailingSeparators() -- strips trailing separators from a path
File::unlock() -- unlocks a locked file pointer
File::write() -- writes bytes to a file
File::writeChar() -- writes a single character to a file
File::writeLine() -- writes a single line to a file

Common file and directory routines