Table of Contents
Introduction -- what are .htaccess files
File_HtAccess::file_htaccess() -- constructor
File_HtAccess::load() -- load the contents of existing .htaccess file
File_HtAccess::save() -- saves the .htaccess file
File_HtAccess::setRequire() -- set the value of require property
File_HtAccess::addRequire() -- add a value into require property
File_HtAccess::delRequire() -- remove a value from require property
File_HtAccess::getRequire() -- get the value(s) of require property
File_HtAccess::setProperties() -- set the values of objects properties
File_HtAccess::setAuthUserFile() -- set the value of authuserfile property
File_HtAccess::setAuthGroupFile() -- set the value of authgroupfile property
File_HtAccess::setAuthType -- set the value of authtype property
File_HtAccess::setAuthDigestFile -- set the value of authdigestfile property

Provides methods to create and manipulate .htaccess files.