Table of Contents
Introduction - DSN -- The Data Source Name
Introduction - Connect -- Connecting and disconnecting a database
Introduction - Query -- Performing queries
Introduction - Results -- Obtaining data from query results
Introduction - Prepare & Execute -- Prepare and execute SQL statements
Introduction - autoPrepare & autoExecute -- Automatically prepare and execute SQL statements
Introduction - Portability -- Database portability features
Introduction - Sequences -- Sequences and auto-incrementing
DB -- Main class
DB::connect() -- Connects to a database
DB::isError() -- Determines if a variable is a DB_Error object
DB_common -- Interface for database access
DB_common::affectedRows() -- Finds number of rows affected by a data changing query
DB_common::autoCommit() -- Turns auto-commit on or off
DB_common::autoExecute() --  Prepares and runs an INSERT or UPDATE query based on variables you supply
DB_common::autoPrepare() --  Prepares an INSERT or UPDATE statement based on variables you supply
DB_common::commit() -- Commits the current transaciton
DB_common::createSequence() -- Creates a new sequence
DB_common::disconnect() -- Disconnects from a database
DB_common::dropSequence() -- Deletes a sequence
DB_common::escapeSimple() -- Escapes a string according to the current DBMS's standards
DB_common::execute() -- Executes a prepared SQL statment
DB_common::executeMultiple() -- Runs a prepared SQL statment for each element of an array
DB_common::freePrepared() -- Releases resources associated with a prepared SQL statement
DB_common::getAll() -- Runs a query and returns all the data as an array
DB_common::getAssoc() -- Runs a query and returns the data as an array
DB_common::getCol() -- Runs a query and returns the data from a single column
DB_common::getListOf() -- Views database system information
DB_common::getOne() -- Runs a query and returns the first column of the first row
DB_common::getOption() --  Determines current state of a PEAR DB configuration option
DB_common::getRow() -- Runs a query and returns the first row
DB_common::limitQuery() -- Sends a LIMIT query to the database
DB_common::nextId() -- Returns the next free id of a sequence
DB_common::prepare() -- Prepares a SQL statement for later execution
DB_common::provides() -- Checks if the DBMS supports a particular feature
DB_common::query() -- Sends a query to the database
DB_common::quote() -- DEPRECATED: Quotes a string
DB_common::quoteIdentifier() -- Formats a string so it can be safely used as an identifier
DB_common::quoteSmart() -- Formats input so it can be safely used as a literal
DB_common::rollback() -- Rolls back the current transaciton
DB_common::setFetchMode() -- Sets the default fetch mode
DB_common::setOption() -- Sets run-time configuration options for PEAR DB
DB_common::tableInfo() -- Gets info about columns in a table or a query result
DB_result -- DB result set
DB_result::fetchInto() -- Fetches a row of a result set into a variable
DB_result::fetchRow() -- Fetches a row from a result set
DB_result::free() -- Releases a result set
DB_result::nextResult() -- Gets result sets from multiple queries
DB_result::numCols() -- Gets number of columns in a result set
DB_result::numRows() -- Gets number of rows in a result set
DB_Error -- DB Error object

A unified API for accessing SQL databases