PA0NHC 2mtr duplexfilkter. All drawings in high quality.

Click right on each picture, and save it to disk. Load it from disk in a drawing program, and print it from there. This gives the best resulution.

Klik met de rechter muisknop op elk plaatje. Save het naar schijf. Laad het in een tekenprogramma, en druk daar af. Dit geeft de beste kwaliteit.

philipsc.jpg The Philips trimmer condensor

Copperclad plates.


m.gif Drillplan for the sidelid "M".

cavlit.gif How to install sidelid "M" into the cavity.

bus.gif Detail of the fine-tuning bus.

plunjer.gif The plunger, and the assembly with the rod and the central conductor.

mkeplung.gif How to make the plunger in shape.

top.gif The topplate, the link and the central conductor (Detail!), and the assembly of it all.

caliper.gif The wooden caliper, for easy and accurate assembly of the central conductor / topplate / cavity.

The dimensions of the comleted duplex filter.


l.gif The toplid.

notches.gif Another (side-)view on the links and notchparts.

cn.gif The C-notch assembly. Mark how the cables are connected to the notchparts!

ln.gif The L-notch assembly. Mark how the cables are connected to the notchparts!

 The completed filterwiring seen from the top. Observe how the cables are installed at the antenna connection!