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2M antenna tests

Pictures 0.5 to 1Mb in size

BANDWIDTH is so important.
Who wants a fantastic 2m beam with 0.5MHz bandwidth on 143.5MHz or even 145.0MHz.

Go for the folded dipole or the LP feed. Or see VK3DIP OWA designs (link below).

Impedance match. (4 above) The director brings the impedance down markedly, hence best match at 30 ohms on the RF bridge. This suprised me.
With the 10mm rod I was expecting about 200 per dipole, paralleled, 100 at the feed. Not so.

My findings are, the HB9CV antenna do not have sufficiant bandwidth to be usefull on 2m. And, I don't believe the RF power presented at each dipole is sufficiantly balanced, because of the 1/8 wave line. Only a 1/2 wave line (or multiples of) presents the same voltage at the other end.

The diagrams here show good gain and Front-to-Back.

HB9CV 2el log periodic, sort of.

HB9CV Will this work, I think not, feed at the wrong end.

Commercial HB9CV, I couldn't get this lovely SWR hear, downunder.

OH4JZJ With a good 20db F/B coming from the feed, why add a reflector?

HB9CV from Asia, I love the english.